2010 Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

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1. 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster $478,500

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

This is a really authentic and Wimbeldon White with blue stripes.
This original amalgamate body of a 289 Cobra. Comparison frame-off restoration
in correct Wimbledon White with blue LeMans strips, chrome roll
bar and wire wheels. Ex-John Moores pickup. A singular and critical
Cobra with known Shelby History. Patrician as the 1965.

2. 1963 Shelby Cobra Roadster $401,500

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

This is a black 289 4 speed Cobra. This 1963 Cobra was purchased
Nov 1993 by stream owner. Engine blueprinted by Skip Davis
Racing Engines, May 1995. Transmission was rebuilt with NOS tools,
new heater as well as radiator core commissioned. The physique, chassis as well as interior
was restored prior to current owners. In 1995, the replacement of
a engine, transmission, cooling and exhaust systems, engine compartment,
instruments as well as alittle electricwires was done. Specification on engine, and
all copies of work orders will accompany car.

3. 2011 Ford Mustang GT Glass Roof Coupe Pace Car $300,000

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

For the first time in 40 years, a Ford Engine Company product will
be pacing a Daytona 500. Pacing the Good American Competition will be
a new 2011 Mustang GT Potion Roof Coupe with the all brandnew 5.0L V-8.
Ford Motor Company offers for sale a Pace Automobile for the 2010 Daytona
500. All proceeds over MSRP will go to help cure childhood diabetes
through the concession to a Juvenile Diabetes Investigate Foundation.
This vehicle is not a reproduction, it is the tangible pace car which will
pace the competition on Feb 14, 2010. This car is one of one,
with a special Daytona 500 paint intrigue, a Ford Racing suspension,
strut building brace and mufflers, unique painted wheels and special
interior diagnosis, together with illuminated sill plates. In addition this
car is an early VIN and will be between a initial 2011 Mustang
GT 5.0L V-8’s done available for sale to a public. This all-new
high-tech 32-valve V-8 with Twin Eccentric Variable Cam Timing
generates 412 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque whilst delivering a class-leading
25 mpg on the mainroad. This vehicle represents a unique opportunity
for one lucky bidder to own a tangible gait automobile of the 2010 Daytona
500 prior to the competition. You will see your car pacing the margin of 43
of America’s excellent drivers on February 14, 2010.

4. 1970 Plymouth Superbird 426 Hemi $286,000

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

This Superbird was rotisserie easy with good
attention to detail as well as exactness of every bulb as well as bolt as well as is
rarely documented with the strange Broadcast Sheet and strange
owners primer. A 20 page in person visible inspection by Galen Govier
was finished which goes with a car verifying which it does have
its strange drivetrain components. Only 77 HEMI Birds with automatic
transmissions were built, reduction than 30 well known to still exist today.
A car’s replacement all agrees with the Broadcast Sheet and
a fendertag. The important 426cid HEMI engine with its 425 advertised
horsepower as well as dual 4-barrel carburetors was the king of a NASCAR
lane when total with a sleek aerodynamics of the Superbird,
the mutated Roadrunner. This one has a matching numbers 727 Torqueflite
doing the power of the matching numbers strange HEMI powerplant.
The back axle is a strange one which is 8 3/4" distance with
3.55 gears (A36 Package). Other features have been energy steering, energy
front disc brakes, AM radio, Convene lurch and 3-speed wipers. This
Alpine White Superbird has it all in asingle beautifully restored package.
THE singular low-production HEMI car with matching numbers, ancestral documentation
and corroboration by Govier.

5. 2008 Ford Mustang Competition Automobile FR500S $275,000

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

Up for auction is the Ford Mustang FR500S, the specially rebuilt
automobile which has competed in the Mustang Challenge for the Miller Crater.
This car is #56 of approximately 75 which were built upon the prolongation
line in Prosaic Rock, Michigan, a first time Ford has ever built
the production run of cars for a race car array on their public
line. Rebuilt by Capaldi Racing in conjunction with Ford Racing,
the car features the specially mutated production 4.6L, 3-valve V8
engine producing 325hp. A automobile has only finished a 2009 series
as well as is competition ready for a qualified fan who wants to go racing
in a competitive series. A car bears a autographs of many of
the drivers in the series and it still bears a name of Gary Bennett
of Barrett-Jackson as the most new motorist at the last array
eventuality at Miller Motorsports Park. This FR500 Mustang is race proven
as well as is race ready with all reserve apparatus, interpretation acquisition recorders
as well as timing and scoring transponders. As well as it has been returned to
race ready condition together with new tires and race array calibrations
by Capaldi Racing. This Mustang is truly singular in that it is equipped
with the passenger chair as it was used as the media car to run prohibited laps
with celebrities as well as members of the media. Enclosed with the car
is a commemorative build book along with an accurate die cast replica
model of this car. A die expel models were privately produced
to foster both a competition series as well as the FR500 Mustang. This car
will be at home in a collection or upon a competition lane. SPX is gratified
to be offering this Mustang for auction with all deduction benefitting
a St. Jude Children’s Investigate Sanatorium in Memphis, Tennessee.
A car, in further to the tour upon a race tracks, has made appearances
during St. Jude fund raising events around a country, including during
a sanatorium in Memphis. A lucky winning bidder will embrace not
usually the good car though a satisfaction of knowing they have been supporting
one of a great children’s hospitals in a universe.

6. 1970 Ford Trainer Mustang 429 $275,000

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

One of 500 Boss 429’s built in 1970. Easy to factory specs
by learned craftsmen that take pride in their cars. Not only does
this have a matching numbers engine, but all of a equipment upon the
car are antiquated rightly. This automobile was finished back to original factory
specs, possibly being slightly over easy since they never
took this much time when they went down the assemble line. A correct
colors and sheen have been upon this car, a overspray upon a bottom of
the automobile, a chaulk outlines and scold trim tags. Everything has
been left by to make sure all electrical equipment work correctly.
When you have been looking for a top Mustang to supplement to your collection,
the Boss 429 is regularly a tip choice. You have a Kevin Marti Report,
a Build Sheet, the Window Sticker as well as both original Ford shipping
invoices asingle to Kar Kraft and then to Slab Motors in Granite
Falls MN. The paint is base cloak clear cloak and all the door, buffer,
hood and deck lid gaps have been fit really precisely. We had this
automobile legalised by Incline Perkins as well as judged by him as well as we recieved the
Concours Trailered Gold through a MCA with Bob being a decider.
Everything in a interior is brandnew as well as correct. The gauges were sent
out and a plastic is rechromed as well as the gauges recalibrated. The
time as well as airwave were additionally sent out as well as easy. The engine was
sent out as well as dynoed prior to being commissioned in the automobile to have certain
it ran properly and there were no oil leaks. The dyno piece came
behind with 462hp. A tranny was also ran on a appurtenance to have certain
it shifts as well as goes through the gears scrupulously. Look over this car
delicately, it is tip of a line.

7. 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 $247,500

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

This car, #SFM6S002 is the really first ‘66 production Shelby. It
is the first of the 252 extremely desirable Shelby "carryover"
cars built. #SFM6S001, the first sequence numbered ‘66 Shelby, was
slated to be the ‘65 Shelby. That automobile was mutated as the antecedent
for production 1966 Shelby’s as well as today retains its prototype standing.
#SFM6S002 has just perceived an incredibly complete ground-up replacement
in its original Wimbledon White tone with Guardsman Blue LeMans
stripes. The black interior with original rear seat delete package
shelf is just as it was originally built as well as delivered by Shelby
upon Oct 19, 1965. Beforelong after the second owner acquired a
car, it was at length raced in a Mid West together with Highway America,
Black Hawk Farms, Grattan, Mid Ohio, Highway Atlanta as well as Watkins Glen.
After being acquired from its second owners, the replacement was
achieved by Cobra Automotive of Wallingford, Connecticut. It is
powered by the correct as well as fully rebuilt 289 Hi-Po, 306hp V8 as well as correct
T-10M Aluminum 4-speed transmission. No responsibility was spared in the
restoration back to its original state with most NOS and original
date-coded parts. It is equipped with the Holley 715 CFM carburetor,
3.89 Detroit Locker rear, strange dash mounted tachometer, airwave
delete, wood grain steering circle, Shelby Cragar 15" wheels
and Goodyear blue dot tires. These early production "carryover"
cars combined the most appropriate of both the ‘65 as well as ‘66 Shelby’s. They retain
the hardcore ‘65 performance features with the distinctive ‘66 Shelby
visual facilities added to set them apart from regular production
Mustangs. This Shelby is listed in the Shelby American World Registry
and comes with its original Shelby owner’s primer, Hi-Po supplement,
SAAC club documentation and some-more. Its series one prolongation standing
and the racing pedigree have this a historically significant Shelby.

8. 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda $231,000

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

426/450hp. This car is restored to bureau specifications. 4-speed
transmission, Ralley dash, Shaker Metal cover and console with bucket seats.
Torred Red with black interior. Comes with strange Broadcast Sheet.
Rust-free physique with 19,750 tangible miles.

9. 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible $222,200

2010                        Tip 10 Barrett Jackson Flesh Cars

A genuine as well as documented 455cid W30 convertible 4-speed. With an
authentic factory Broadcast Sheet with the Formula W30 upon a sheet
in excellent condition that was found under the back chair during
the full rotisserie restoration done to concours standards, still
has a original interpretation plate/body tab and the relating numbers 4-speed.
Asingle of 96 produced with a 4-speed. Have ownership story together with
pretension copies back to the 80’s. Creatively purchased by Barry Stewart
after returning from Vietnam. He had a strong desire to own the muscle
automobile and went to Riggin Motors in North Dakota and special systematic
this car. W30 W appurtenance package, Muncie 4-speed delivery, 442
automobile, W27 aluminum differential package, tinted windows,
power steering, law sports steering wheel, sports styled outside
rear view mirrors, sports console, Rally pack gauges, stereo 8-track
tape player, AM/FM stereo, Strato bucket seats, twin intake force
air fiberglass metal cover as well as red inner fenders. Accomplished in Formula "14"
striking Gold China with black hood as well as side stripes and black
interior. The W appurtenance package W30 includes a really tall opening
455cid V8. Firestone far-reaching oval tires as well as Super Batch I 14"x7"
wheels. This car possesses an unquestioned flawlessness and the well known
story from new.

10. 1958 Chevrolet Corvette $220,000

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