Next-Gen Honda Civic Delayed Until 2011

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Next-Gen Honda Civic Delayed Until 2011

The next-generation Honda Civic will be behind until 2011, presumably as a 2012 indication year automobile. This will put a Civic significantly past a standard five-year cycle, stretching until 6 or presumably even seven years prior to a ninth-generation automobile debuts. The stream Civic arrived behind in September of 2005, making it already utterly antiquated.

Honda COO Tsuneo Tanai certified during final year’s Tokyo Auto Show which poignant changes were being done to a Civic, that was already removing tighten to prolongation.

The reason for the extreme updates is due to significantly tougher fuel economy targets says American Honda Motor Co.’s VP John Mendel. The pierce is additionally, no disbelief, attributed to critical foe from unknown foes similar to the Ford and Chevy, which have both betrothed 40-mpg versions of a Focus and Cruze. While Honda is mostly well known to be the fuel saving leader, as it stands a stream lineup of cars is set to be outmatched by rising made at home rivals in a sub-compact category; as well as improvements of only a single or dual miles per gallon won’t be sufficient to put Honda upon tip.

Rather than move the programmed Civic to marketplace and have it fail, Honda is selecting to cling to upon to a stream indication (which, luckily for them is already utterly good) in sequence to devise as well as come out with something improved.

The headlines follows the inform that Honda CEO Takanobu Ito is “not satisfied” with his company’s opening and a restored attitude that has set in between the leaders.

As for a CR-V, Mendel confirmed which it will batch to the five-year production cycle with the redesign coming subsequent year.

[Source: Autmotive News]

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