Audi A6 Tops DEKRA Faults Report 2011

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Audi A6 Tops DEKRA Faults Report 2011


2010 Audi A6 

Audi is preparing to launch the brand new generation of a A6, aiming to suggest the car which will take the brand’s diversion to a brand new level as well as offer customers a reward feeling. However, a stream era of a saloon isn’t starting to exit a automotive stage only like that. Before creation room for the inheritor, the current A6 has received the brand new endowment, as the car was declared "Best of All Classes" in the Faults Report 2011 of a DEKRA testing classification.

This is a third time in the row when a A6 manages to explain the top mark in the inform. DEKRA’s specialists find to find the vehicles with a fewest issues over the tall mileage.

"The DEKRA experts endowment a title to the models with the lowest error rate over the high mileage, thus rewarding high long-term quality. In scheming the 2011 Faults Report DEKRA will be regulating the brand new DEKRA defects index. This sequence scheme incorporates a rating of “considerable defects” as an analysis pattern in addition to “no applicable defects”. According to DEKRA, taking into comment a share of considerable defects between all defects allows evaluations to be even some-more exact," explained a press release.

The new A6, that will hit a market in early 2011, will come with the high level of potency, interjection to a lightweight construction and optimized engines.

"Audi is continuing the success story of a most reliable commercial operation sedan. The new A6 will be launched in early 2011. The brand new edition of a A6 is renowned by top quality as well as innovative solutions in all technical areas," stated a press recover.

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