Freestyle Motocrosser Jeremy Stenberg in VH1 TV Show

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Freestyle Motocrosser Jeremy Stenberg in VH1 TV Show


Jeremy Twitch Stenberg 

American wire radio network VH1 is removing ready to premiere “THE X LIFE” on January 10, an adrenaline-packed uncover which focuses upon a universe of movement sports. The uncover facilities vert skater Pierre-Luc Gagnon, BMXer Cory Nastazio, Freestyle Motocrosser Jeremy Stenberg, as well as any athelete’s poignant alternative

Stenberg, who is a 9-time X Games medalist as well as a single of a freestyle motocross pioneers and innovators, states, "this TV show is starting to showcase a competition to people who may have otherwise never, ever heard most about freestyle moto – but….we’re gonna shift all that now!" 

The three couples will assistance depict different aspects of a action-sports lifestyle. Stenberg and his wife Susie have two children, a great home as well as live a "crazy, hectic lifestyle."

Nastazio is in a after stages of his career as well as is now recuperating from the 2004 automobile collision that left him with the brain hemorrhage as well as the collapsed lung. Nastazio’s partner, Nicole Panattoni, is already informed with a reality-TV, carrying appeared upon a initial season of "America’s Next Top Model." 

Finally, Gagnon and his girlfriend, Denise Russo, have been during a dissimilar point in their lives than a other two couples, as they don’t have any children as well as suffer the "conservative" lifestyle.

"The stars of action sports, as well as a women who love them, don’t only live life upon the edge — they go over it, either they’re upon a track, a ramp or only vital their lives, as well as we couldn’t be some-more anxious to move which wild ride to VH1," pronounced Jeff Olde, EVP of Original Programming as well as Production, VH1, in the press release. "’The X Life’ couples will bring a genuine adrenaline pour out to TV."

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