What carburetor should be used in the Dodge Dakota which has the Dodge Caravan engine in it?

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most appropriate bet, gamble a oem series off of a carb which is upon a vechile. Your local tools store should be able to locate the scold deputy with this series. The series should be upon a metal tab on the carb, or hammered in the side of a carb.

Mike.C. Says;Make certain a carb is a one from a caravan engine, at your convenience you get any engine parts you’ll wish to use the model as well as year of a engine unless the engine is a exact same a single which came out of a lorry ie; 3.3 out 3.3 back in etc etc etc…. afterwards the only a partial for a 3.3 dodge Dakota… Hope this helps….20+yrs Dodge do-it-yourselfer…

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