Invader L60 Debuts in Qatar as the Menacing 600-hp Lexus LX570

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Invader L60 Debuts in Qatar as the Menacing 600-hp Lexus LX570

You know a saying, “as American as apple pie”? Well, in Qatar they contend, “as Qatar-ian(?) as the modified SUV.” OK, maybe not, though rich Middle-Easterners really know how to blow their oil-soaked income: like upon a Invader L60.

Japanese tuning house Invader not long ago unveiled its new L60 truck during the Qatar Motor Show, formed upon a large Lexus LX570. Along with an extreme widebody kit as well as a little large front-end opening, a truck additionally gets a little obligatory bullion wheels (optional) and an aggressive back diffuser with 4 empty pipes.

A utterly law interior is also the part of the package, as well as who can dont think about a supercharged mated to a large V8 engine to assistance siphon out 600-hp.

Invader is formulation to bring the L60 to a Geneva Auto Show in March, so we’ll be certain to snap copiousness of live pics afterwards.

ART STUDIO: Lexus LX-based Invader L60

[Source: Automobile]

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Nov 3, 2011
5:06 am
#1 Wael :

I love the invader I just wish that I can test drive it just one time in my life even if I can’t efordit.

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