Volkswagen Celebrates 3.5 Million DGS Transmissions Sold

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Volkswagen Celebrates 3.5 Million DGS Transmissions Sold

Dual-clutch transmissions have been apropos increasingly popular offerings by all automakers in a poke to save each dump of fuel. But a auto-boxes have an additional good: not only do they change faster than the normal slushbox, they simply out-match your best manual-transmission heel-toe efforts.

Combine those dual qualities and you’ve got the resolution which will gratefully a greenies as well as opening junkies, so it’s no surprise which everyone from Hyundai to Ford have been now charity dual-clutch gearboxes.

But long prior to it was popular, Volkswagen introduced the DCT, a DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox). Debuting in the golf R32 as well as Audi TT in 2003, VW is right away celebrating 3.5 million DSG units produced. Initially offered for mid-range vehicles, VW has given developed versions compatible with smaller engines, as well as some-more not long ago with high-performance large-displacement engines for a Audi mark.

Almost all of a DSG units were manufactured during the automaker’s Kassel Plant in Germany, whilst only over 100,000 have been manufactured in China.

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