Opel’s Small City Car to Be Called Mokka?

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Opels Small City Car to Be Called Mokka?


Opel Trixx concept 

Funky name, for the funky automobile, a little competence contend, supposing a gossip we listened this week is loyal. Some of you know that the German automobile maker is operative upon the tiny, 4 seater city automobile, which will be deployed in in between the Agila and the Corsa as well as onto European roads in 2012.

Until now, the universe, as well as the people from Opel, knew the project underneath a name Allegra. That will not be the travel name of the representation, inside sources told L’Automobile Magazine. The new model will be called, according to the murmur voices, Mokka.

Far from being Mokka (the term, with a somewhat dissimilar spelling, signifies “for free” in Eastern Europe jargon, a new small car is intended as the approach competitor to other minis upon the marketplace, together with the Fiat 500 as well as a little of the MINI models.

The sum about the automobile, that is approaching to be launched someday subsequent year, have been not yet well known. Design wise, a Mokka was once pronounced it would take impulse from a Trixx concept, an older mental condition Opel once had about downsizing.

However, distinct a Trixx, a Mokka will be much some-more aggressive, if we have been to certitude a array of info leaked a while back. Adorned with LED daytime using lights, a front of a automobile will be something like an Astra GTC in its infancy.

For a small extraneous, Opel will make use of tiny engines as good. The operation of engines will open with a 1.0l section, which will devour 3.5l/100km (67 mpg). According to the rumors, the prices Opel will assign for a Mokka will start at EUR12,580.

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