Ford News: Ford Truck Raptor SVT, Tuning Phoenix Campers

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Cars with new styles and new concept cars Ford, the truck is transformed Phoenix Camper, maybe you have a car that can run on a steep road, hard and rocky, or too strong to travel long distances. You drive a car that can only be used for travel only, but the car that the truck can be used for a place to stay, as not all roads to housing. If you get lost in the mountains and desert that is difficult to find housing, a car named Ford SVT Raptor RV will allow you to comfortably sleep where you stop. Comfort and space in which to sleep make this truck in your choice of long distance.

This car has a camper on the rear panel and can be used for sleeping, with attractive color from front to back the adoption of this car. Inside there is a complete camping equipment such as refrigerators and three ovens and a double sink, which is useful to help you do work in the kitchen to eat. This car is well suited for road use and makes you more comfortable with the bed. It is less attractive in terms of appearance, but extremely useful if used in long trips.

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