Hyundai assembled in Russia will arrive in Ukraine

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In April 2011, Hyundai will begin shipping on the export of cars assembled in Russia.

Told reporters CEO of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus Guinea Chong Il, we are talking about C-Class sedans Hyundai Solaris, produced at a factory in St. Petersburg. Already signed contracts to send them to a number of former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. Total for 2011 Hyundai plans to export 7.8 thousand Russian Solaris, which is about 7,5% of the total output of the St. Petersburg plant, scheduled at the level of 105 thousand pieces.

Guinea Chong Il, adding that exports to the CIS cars Hyundai will not be subject to customs duty, as an added value to their production in Russia exceeds 50%. Plant of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Eng plans to increase the number of countries – exporters of cars Hyundai.

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