TZ3 Stradale Zagato will build on the platform Viper

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Milanese Atelier Zagato body builder is sufficiently well known for his work. Recent comes to mind Perana Z-One and the Fiat 500 Coupe, but they pale before the brilliant TZ3 Corsa.
Introduced about a year ago, TZ3 is a continuation line that began in the 60th to the TZ1. Line of cars, loved by collectors around the world.
TZ3 Corsa was a private one customer order and Zagato and intends to remain unique, but in recent reports the company said that there is a good chance to see it limited road series.
Discarding racing ambitions Corsa, TZ3 Stradale would have received based on the Dodge Viper, as Alfa Romeo and the Dodge driven by the same people. And, reportedly, its 8.4-liter V10 would be configured for 612 horsepower.

Photo: Zagato

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