Google and Apple official ‘Divorced’

Google and Apple finally no longer directors who sit on both companies. ‘Divorce’ is present due to undermining authorities.

Although Google and Apple did not officially become one company, the second winner of Silicon Valley has a pretty tight relationship. Rather, they have a board member of the same Board of Directors.

The first is Eric Schmidt, Google CEO who is also Apple’s Board of Directors. He had resigned in August 2009 thanks to ‘push’ the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Then was Arthur Levinson, Levinson resign after Schmidt had time to sit on the Board of Directors of Google and Apple. However, as quoted from ArsTechnica, Tuesday (13/10/2009), Levinson eventually retreated.

If you choose Google’s Schmidt, Levinson chose Apple. The former CEO of Genentech it chose to leave the position it occupied since 2004 and survived at Apple.

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