History of Breguet Watches.

Founded in 1775, Montres Breguet SA is now the most prestigious brands of watches in Switzerland. Among other luxury watches, Breguet perhaps only the most widely used by the historical figures and included in the legendary novel. Because of its position as a legend, breguet often used as reference in the world’s leading watchmaking art, Breguet historically always maintain the important values instilled by its founder: beauty, elegance and mastery of “exceptional complexity”. Manufactured in the mountains of Jura, Switzerland, Breguet products are always trying to integrate emotional and cultural dimensions and the development of aesthetics and quality constantly. Currently, Breguet watches still makes each as a model horologi great art, with a blend of high technology and the work of decorating the perfect manual.
One hour breguet famous is The Breguet Marie Antoinette. As the name suggests, this clock is destined for the consort of King Louis XVI of France Marie Antoinette. And it feels proud to wear watches that wearing a watch that has a history so long. And now, with the promo end of the year and Christmas, you can get breguet watches at Cheapest Prices. And certainly, you will still get a certificate of authenticity.

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