History of Breitling Chronomat

History Chronomat began in 1941 when Breitling patent the use of one of its products in the form of slide rule bezel. Repair and modification of the Chronomat design was the one who ultimately produced one of the other icon of the Breitling Navitimer series. Typical of the Chronomat design is a variation of each round 15 minutes bezel is gold-colored markers and designed more prominent than the other bezel surface, marker is referred to as the rider tabs, designed by Ernest Schneider in 1982. Another distinctive feature is the use of bolt design on the outer side of the gold-colored bezel. Because the design of the casing is not too large, this chronomat feel and look fit in the hand. Chronomat make the latest design evolution chronomat with chronometer movement and the casing dimensions are larger. If you want to know the type of the other Breitling, you can see it on the site www.Essential-Watches.com. For those of you who do not know what it is chronomat, hopefully a little helped by the existence of this article.

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