Corporate Services

    In our continuous effort to constantly endeavor to upgrade services to customers, we are happy to introduce our corporate services to our valued corporates. This service will help corporates to identify their financial requirements in terms of protection of your assets, managing your investments and funding your goals.

    For protection of your assets we would assess the risks associated with it, and the need to finance those risks to protect corporates from any losses that they may have to bear due to existence of such risks.

    To help them manage their investments we would give them several long- term and short-term investment options. They can choose the best suitable option, depending on their liquidity, risk & return expectations.

    Also, corporates have several goals like expansion, diversification etc, for which they might require external funding, we would help them in funding and achieving their goals.

    Answer four simple questions to help us understand your financial needs.

    • Would you like to protect the assets which are major source of revenue for your business, from perils like fire?
      Yes No
    • Do you need loan to fund your working / Long-term capital requirements ?
      Yes No
    • Would you want to know various avenues where you can invest your Short-term surplus?
      Yes No
    • Did you know that by paying very little premium you can give benefits to your employees so that they work with full dedication?
      Yes No